Limited edition print

russell flint amanda, print
Limited Edition of 500
Image size 10.5" diameter.
Published, November,1989
Complete with wash/line mount

For more than 30 years Sir William Russell Flint'sthe signed prints and paintings by have been our speciality
500 limited edition prints, personally signed and unsigned editions after his death; A fine collection original watercolours, are also for sale.
In the heart of the French countryside, near the beautiful towns of Brantome and St. Jean du Cole lies La Chabroulie, hereHoliday house to let in Dordogne France.
Limited editions, in particular the limited edition signed prints, published before the artist's death in 1969, were in enormous demand at the date of publication,
the whole edition would often take no more than a few hours to completely sell out.
Unlike books, other editions of these prints have never been produced, and apart from the original painting these prints are the only original hand signed, editions, the early ones being almost one hundred years old.

A true professional and credit to his profession of watercolour painting, the work of Sir William Russell Flint has the recognition amongst the greatest and most admired art in history.
Please see a collection of work by some of the world's finestartists:- viewwildlife paintings of David Shepherd. His signed prints
and paintings are a amazing portrayal not only of the animals he paints, but of the atmosphere and landscapes throughout the world.
The work of one incredibly talented artist, who painted the working lives of everdayday people in the 1960s is now of the geatest importance to both art collectors and and financial investors.
The signed prints and paintings of L.S.Lowrysee here have been increasing in value on a regular basis and his work according to recent studies, is now more sought after and of greater investment value than many great artists of the modern day.