Francis Murray Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

russell flint aquaduct, frances murray, print
'The Aquaduct'
Limited edition of 500
Image Size 26.5" X 19.5".

Francis Murray Russell Flint (ROI, SMA 1915-1977)
Francis Murray Russell Flint, born 3rd June, 1915
His father was Sir William Russell Flint,
and throughout his career he achieved the status of a highly talented artist in his own right.
He was educated at Cheltenham College and HMS Conway,
and studied at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, Royal Academy Schools and later the RA in Paris.
He worked for a while as the art master at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex.
and lived at Burgess Hill in Sussex and Coffinswell, S.Devon and London W8.
Francis Murray Russell Flint was an Offical War Artist during WWII.
Exhibiting at....
The Royal Academy,
The Royal Watercolour Society,
The Royal Society of Marine Artists,
The Imperial War Museum.
He became vice-president of The Royal Watercolour Society,
and was a highly celebrated and respected watercolourist throughout his career.
Francis Murray Russell Flint died in Spain, 1977.

Sir William, born in 1880, entered the world of art as a commercial apprentice at the age of fourteen.
Over the next seventy five years he was to rise to the pinnacles of his chosen profession. He became president of the
Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours, Trustee of the Royal Academy of Art, Senior Royal Academician and a Knight Bachelor,
yet the later professional critics chose to regard him as a great enigma.
When he was singularly honoured by a retrospective exhibition of his works at the Royal Academy in 1962 the Art Critic
of the Apollo magazine wrote, somewhat condescendingly, that although he "belonged so clearly,m so honourably to the line of
English nineteenth century watercolourists, Russell Flint remains of almost no consequence at all...
his art seldom rises above a level of incidental triviality, he has rarely produced a picture that meant anything more than
the evocation of an imaginary landscape where olive skinned gypsies or English maidens disport themselves.
The unlikely setting gives their nudity an air of respectability."
Critics, of course have, by definition, to find something to criticise, but William Russell Flint rarely rose to such baiting.

Francis Flint, worked as a professional designer/watercolourist; on 4/4/1880 he became the father of William Russell Flint.
It was a great help for Flint that his father worked in an artistic areas.
In his younger days William Russell Flint went to the Daniel Stewart's College,
and then became a pupil of the Edinburgh Institution College, it was here that Russell Flint developed his work on line and colour
which turned into his particularly well known style painting .

Russell Flint through the medium of his paintings has managed to give, and indeed still does immense enjoyment to thousands of people the world over.
The original watercolour paintings and limited edition signed prints, have now set the benchmark for artists and collectors worldwide, as a superlative excellence in the use of watercolour,
and Sir William's fine paintings are enjoyed by many and regarded amongst the most excellent works on paper to date.

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