Article 2

Russell Flint

For those who love, follow art, or collect art, there are several famous watercolours that have been created by Russell Flint,
during the long course of his career. As a muse, he used the female form, and included it in every piece that he ever drew.
He used French landscapes as his background piece, and would later add the female figure of choice as the centerpiece to his
watercolours and all art creations. Many art critics were critical on his work, due to the form chosen, and because of the
centerpiece of all of his work being the female form, as opposed to using different art forms and techniques in the art and
the paintings that were created during his long and illustrious career. But, fans of his work truly love the texture, design style,
and the unique shapes and landscapes that are used, even with the main focus of all his watercolours and pieces being the female form.

Because he was a member of so many societies, and sold so many pieces, he has become one of the most sought after artists, when art
enthusiasts do purchase new watercolours; especially in his later work, as he did do so little during the last few years of his career,
as he became ill, and was not able to paint or create as many pieces in the last few years of his career. Fans truly love the technique,
design styles, the outlines and shades used, and the distinct approach which was taken in the creation of his many art forms during his career.
Although limited number of works were created, there are many sites, and one run by his family, that do publish a new work, and sell it as a
reprint to the general public, once a month on their online site. Customers can purchase these items, although they are not the original,
they are sold in limited quantities and printed in limited numbers for sale.

Whether you are a fan of Flint, watercolours in general, or the work of his time period, his art is some of the most highly sought after, and
highly priced pieces, especially if they are original works. So, if you are seeking a new piece to add to your collection, whether it is a reprint
or an original work, you have to know where to go to find these creations, in order to know you are getting a genuine piece. As so many reprints
and modifications on his work have been created, true art lovers and collectors, know the difference between a real piece, and one that is a replica
of the work that Flint had created during the course of his long career in the art world. As it was an obscure form of art, and as there were not many
painters who specifically specialized with watercolours and these forms of painting, Russell Flint is truly one of the most creative painters, and is
one of the first to develop the art form in to what it is seen as in the art world today.

Depending on whether you are searching for his older work, or what he did in the later part of his career, there are quite a few places that fans,
collectors, and art enthusiasts can go, to buy one of his many watercolours and paintings. From art shows and museums, to art galleries, or online
sites, fans can find hundreds of pieces to purchase, when they are looking to buy some of his most famous and sought after watercolours ad paintings,
that were created during the long course of his career. Of course the originals are going to sell for much higher prices, especially those created
towards the end of his career, but depending on where you buy them, and how limited in a series the work is, there are ways to find lower prices on
these paintings, and on some of the many watercolours sold, if you know where to go when purchasing them.

Many fans appreciate the creative style, the unique choice as a muse, and the fact that he did use only one central theme in the watercolours that he
developed during the course of his career. The female form is one that many artists use today, and paint, but during the period that he began his work
in watercolours and art, it was a choice that not many artists were painting, especially in all of the works that they created. For this reason, much
of the work he did, namely his earlier work, was criticized widely by art critics, and those who did not believe that his work was truly distinct or
unique in many ways. But, the fact that he did belong to different art societies, and that his watercolours were unique and did catch the eye of art fans,
is something that brought allure to his works, and brought fans to love the many art pieces that he did create, during the course of his career in the arts.

Whether it is an older piece, or one of his later works you are looking to buy, there are dozens of choices to consider when looking for the many
watercolours and works of Russell Flint. Depending on whether you are looking to buy an original or a replica, not only are there going to be limited
quantities, the prices are also going to differ. Namely based on the period in which the work was completed, but also in the price it last sold for,
when the piece was originally purchased by the owner. It is also going to differ based on the number of originals and reprints, as there were limited
quantities sold and created.

For art fans, collectors, and those who want a piece of history in their collection, there are quite a few pieces that you can choose from when seeking
out one of the many watercolours that were created by Russell Flint, during the extended course of his art and painting career.